My travel bucket list

travel bucket list

As a travel lover, you want to see EVERYTHING. But we always have our favourite places and destinations. Below you can read my travel bucket list. These places are on top of my list. And I want to scrap them off as fast as I can. Hihi.

Countries that are on top of my bucket list

  • Getting lost while backpacking in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada (maybe next year because all the national parks will be free entrance due to Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation?!).
  • Visiting the Hobbits in New Zealand. Would love to have a cup of tea with Frodo and share some stories.
  • Learning about Buddhism in Myanmar.
  • Watching the aurora borealis in Iceland.
  • Go to festivals in Croatia, perhaps the Ultra Europe festival in Split.
  • Roaming in Jordan. I definitely want to see Petra!


Besides those countries above, I would like to visit some cities as well.

  • Porto, Portugal. Update: I visited Porto in November 2016. Such a lovely city!
  • Budapest, Hungary.
  • Venice, Italy.

If you find great deals on these places, let me know!

Ps: What’s on your bucket list?

Xoxo Zoë


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