A sporty weekend in the Belgian Ardennes


Last weekend we went away for a weekend in Herbeumont, in the Belgian Ardennes. I hear you wonder: Why Herbeurmont? For me it was also totally unknown, but I found this little village when I was looking for the most beautiful hiking routes in Belgium, also known as the GR Footpaths.

Our initial plan was to spend a whole weekend, and to do a part of a GR Foothpath. But we realised we did not have the right equipment (read: a trekking tent and backpack) to do this. That’s why we decided to set up our tent in the morning and then walk around for two days in the Herbeumont region.

So with this idea we leave for Herbeumont on Saturday morning. We arrive at noon at the campsite, called Moulin Willaime. We prefer this one because it is right next to the river Semois.  We set up the tent and get a hiking map at the tourist office. This costs € 8 euros. The advantage of this is that the altimeters are visible and you have an idea how much you will climb on a particular route. We decide to follow route number 2. This would be 18 km long which we find a pleasant walking distance.

The whole route consists of following the tortuous Semois. The river is completely surrounded by greenery. The nature is so beautiful in bloom. Even on the water there is a carpet full of white flowers. For two hours we walk in full silence, through a green oasis. Unfortunately, we did not spot wild animals.

Herbeumont Ardennes

The Belgian Ardennes

After 2 hours of walking, we suddenly are back at our camping without noticing it! How strange. Apparently, the hiking trails on the hiking map do not match the numbers and signs that we are following. Now it appears that we have walked a totally different route than we thought. Well, no problem. Then we just look for another route we can walk? We choose to follow the red and blue signs ‘35’ and see where we will go. Perhaps this will also be in a loop and we will return to the starting point. Let’s hope for it.

And that’s how it happened. After two more hours of walking, we are back the the beginning. A perfect moment to have dinner at Herbeumont village. There is only one restaurant, La Châtelaine, open. So deciding which one to go is not difficult. The meat is also delicious! After our belly is filled, it’s time to get back to the tent. We are also going to make a campfire! Apparently, at some campsites in the Ardennes it is allowed to make one. With the last bit of strength in our legs, we gather some wood. Because 25 kilometers of walking is not something to be taken lightly.

The Belgian Ardennes

Kayaking in Herbeumont

After a cold and on-the-floor-sleeping night, we’re not really ready to walk for another day. Therefore, we choose to save our legs today, and put our arm muscles to work. We are going to kayak! The kayak rental is only 10 minutes drive away. We can choose a kayak ride of 12 km or 18 km. Due to little time, we choose the 12 km route. This route is also on the river Semois where we walked by yesterday, but another part. While enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, the tranquility and the beautiful nature around us, we kayak the 12 km with the greatest ease. Afterwards it’s time for us to get back to the campsite and drive back home. It was a great weekend spend in the Belgian Ardennes!

kayaking in the Belgian Ardennes

kayaking in the Belgian Ardennes

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