4 Most beautiful places that looked shitty to me

most beautiful places

As a traveler, you get itchy when beautiful travel pictures pop up on your computer screen. You think to yourself: I have to go there too! So you arrange everything – Book your flight tickets, accomodation, a guide and all the other necessary things to get to that one amazing place. It’s just sometimes, we forget there is one element we cannot control: the WEATHER. And before you realise, it ruins your trip, your photo, your view, everything. This happened to me several times…

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

While I was on Erasmus in Dublin, the Erasmus Student Network organised two weekend trips that are the highlights of my erasmus experience. On the first trip we visited the western part of Ireland: Galway, Cliffs of Moher and Aran Island. But as you know, the weather in Ireland can change in milliseconds from sunshine to snowstorms. So I had bad luck when I arrived at the stunning Cliffs of Moher. It was misty and it screw up my view.

 Kjeragbolten, Norway

Probably you have heard about a rock that is stuck between two cliffs. This boulder is called the Kjeragbolten and it is located in Kjerag, Norway. To reach this phenomenon, you’ll have to hike for about 2,5 hours. And it is not the easiest hike. So when you reach the finish you are sooooo happy you’ve made it. And at that point, my friend Jane and I had to look for that rock. “Oh god where are you stupid rock?!”. It was soo misty that we even couldn’t find it haha. After 20 minutes of walking around we finally bumped into it! There is just one big advantage to the foggy weather, and that is that it isn’t possible to see what is underneath. The Kjeragbolten is stuck 984m above the ground. Without anything to see it is less scarrier to stand on the boulder than with good weather. Do you dare to climb it?

God’s Window, South Africa

On the second day of our holiday in South Africa. We drove through the Blyde River Canyon to stop on several interesting points of view. The first one was God’s Window. It was already 10 o’clock in the morning but when we reached God’s Window there was still a cloud hanging around us. We paid an entrance fee to see NOTHING. Again, bad timing. It wasn’t such a big deal because the rest of the day we had great weather with enjoyable views :).

Royal Natal National Park, South Africa

Royal Natal National Park is located in the area Drakensberge, Right next to the borders with Lesotho. The Drakensberge mountains are the biggest ones in South Africa. In winter this is the only place to get snow. On our holiday we planned to spend one day in Royal Natal to hike to the Sentinel peak. The end is called the ‘Amphiteathre’ because of its steep cliffs and flat surface on top. Apparently you can see for kilometers. Our hike started in foggy surroundings but we believed that after our hike of 2,5 hours the fog would dissapear. I can tell you, it only got worse. We could barely see 2 meters in front of us and it had started to snow halfway our hike! We couldn’t have been more unlucky. The next day we left Drakensberge, The sky was all blue. Damn you mother nature. Next time when I come back I don’t want a single cloud in the sky.

I guess we all have bad luck sometimes. Where did you encounter bad weather when you for sure wanted a nice view? 

Xoxo Zoë.

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One Comment on “4 Most beautiful places that looked shitty to me”

  1. Such bad luck for all of those photos! 🙁 Cliffs of Moher is simply stunning. I spent a whole day exploring. I hope you get a good photo of an iconic landmark one day! Best of luck. x

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